STITCHES: Do the Jetset: 12” EP

I know very little about this release other than it is a bunch of old Stitches songs that were re-recorded in 2005 or so. It is so hard to describe what it sounds like. Slowed down, new-wavy kind of versions with electronic drums and these crazy sounds going on throughout. Not a lot of bands could pull this kind of thing off, but there’s one thing about the Stitches, it’s the fact that they are about ninety percent swagger and balls and ten percent flat-out don’t give a fuck. I heard a rumor that they played the set like this one time only and had to fight the entire crowd! Can’t say I’ll listen to this all the time, but it’s pretty great to slap on from time to time. It’s got the coolest clear and black splatter vinyl that I’ve ever seen.

 –ty (Vinyl Dog)