STIMULATOR: Self-titled: CD

Aug 20, 2004

This is what I dug up. First off is that this is an LA band. Singer Susan Hyatt used to be in a band called Pillbox and had some acclaim in the UK. Geoff Tyson, who does all the instrumentation, was taught by Joe Satriani and used to play in rock bands Snake River Conspiracy and T-Ride. This release sounds like it should have come out in the late '80s. It has elements of new wave and the big production pop rock of the period. There is a lot going on here. Layers and layers of instrumentation. The singer is strong and can carry a note. From sultry to aggressive, she can belt it out with the best. The cover of the Olivia Newton-John hit "Magic" comes off as their own. I have to admit that I was hooked by the vocals mixed with the overblown production that took me back to a place in time that I haven't been in a long while. Sugary sweet on top and a little dirty underneath makes for a surprising discovery. I was so ready to write this off.

 –don (Stimulator)

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