Jul 03, 2009

Pretty trippy. I reviewed a CD of this band a few years ago and remember them being sort of new wave pop, so I was expecting more of the same. First thing that comes out of the speakers is the track, “Holiday,” that starts off with a straight-up Bee Gees-sounding guitar with keyboards riff that sounded like the song “More than a Woman.” My mouth dropped and was fascinated by how good this captures the disco sound. I can close my eyes and visually picture a dance floor of full of people with a disco ball spraying the room with bits of reflected light. Nothing like their previous release. This band has really reinvented themselves. The majority of this release falls into the pop rock category, which I would believe would do very well on adult contemporary radio. The Captain and Tennille classic “Love Will Keep Us Together” is attempted, but I was rather let down that it was so true to the original.

 –don (Self-released, )