STIFF DONUT: I Did It All for the Cookie: CD

Mar 14, 2007

This is my first batch of reviews for Razorcake and I feel like I’m being initiated into the fraternity by being hazed with the dregs of the review pile. If I’m not mistaken, this band used to be called Estrogenocide and have now re-surfaced as Stiff Donut. If I’m wrong, there are two equally incompetent bands on the loose. I’ve slandered these fruitless individuals so many times I’m running out of creative adjectives. Sigh! I guess if El Duce rocked a Casio keyboard, you’d be on the right train track. Ironically, El Duce was run over by a train and, much to my dismay, Stiff Donut has not endured a similar fate.

 –Dave Disorder (Self-released)