STEVE LIEBERMAN: The Gangsta Rabbi: CD

Oct 23, 2008

In the liner notes to this flute and guitar-based album, Steve Lieberman explains that this CD is meant to explain a recent stint in a psych hospital for bipolar disorder, which is a noble enough endeavor. With song titles like “Jew in an Institution,” “Committed!” and, intriguingly, “An Hour to Masturbate,” I was expecting something perhaps influenced by late period G.G. Allin. And perhaps that was there, in part, but mostly this sounds like a guy with a flute who’s listened to the Sex Pistols a few times. But never mind that! Instead, I bring you a statement from his website, entitled “F-CK You Wikipedia,” with original punctuation and spelling intact: “Damn it’s not bad enough you deleted my page there cause one of your geniouses thought of me to be not ‘noteworthy’--but you then after 2 ½ months went and frickin’ deleted a mention of me in the Jethro Tull article--Hey jerks--that hurts--WTF--Damn I’m gonna live my life so noteworthy that even your damn elitist ‘editor’s’ will think that--.” Mr. Steve Lieberman, I wish you the best of luck on this noble quest! If this were a cereal, it’d be a curious combination of granola, Cheerios, and bran flakes!

 –maddy (Self-released?)

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