Nov 20, 2012

Who the fuck? Oh wait… the Sedatives? Dug that band—this is sorta that band, I mean it isn’t obvious, but most of the folks in this were in that—so it makes sense that these heads have a handle of the make-up of a song. I don’t mean two minutes of noise… I mean a song... you know? Something that grabs you by the neck, not just grooves in black plastic. By no means am I calling these cats “old,” but I’m sure they’ve spent time with the Real Kids and the Shoes, and I’ll bet my last dollar they are familiar with the Tranzmitors and the Marked Men. This is reallllly well crafted pop punk. I’m not talking kids in the mall pop punk; I’m talking late ‘70s skinny tie shit. Really great guys… really great.

 –Tim Brooks (Dead Broke)

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