I think i know what makes this stuff “stereophonic,” and i think i also know what makes it “sound,” but i’m not as sure as what makes it “space”—or, for that matter, “spooky.” Expertly executed, generally keyboard-driven instrumentals that seem to have one foot in Joe Meek-ism ((which i guess would be the “space” part, what with the “Telstar” connection and all)) and another in 70’s pre-disco soul-pop ((a la the theme from Shaft, “Brother Louie” by the Stories, and even Santana’s weird scrapey torpedo thing)). I guess i prefer the stuff that’s more of a flat-out Austin Powers deal ((“Do The Lurk Around”)), and i’d much rather listen to my instrumentals in compilation form ((more interesting somehow)), but, on the whole, i’m sure this is excellent background music for some manner of enriching activity—i’m just not so sure that activity involves bedding hot alien chicks togged out in silver mylar, and that’s a shame. BEST SONG: “Do The Lurk Around” BEST SONG TITLE: “Do The Lurk Around” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Ah. “Spooky Sound” is a record store in Switzerland. Now i get it.

 –norb (Dionysus)