Sep 27, 2006

The cover of this album displays a lip being flipped over with the word “HOOLIGAN” tattooed underneath it. It’s angry (indignant), it’s anthemic (sing along if you wanna), it’s New York Hardcore (with the X replaced by machetes). STEP2FAR: This is your standard NYHC that you’ve been listening to since you were a wee lad. No new ground being broken, but that’s not the point. I mean its all about tradition anyways, right? Where are the gang vocals though? Spider Crew: Oh, there are the gang vocals. And not just that, they’ve got two guys singing. This band is huge! Not only do they have two vocalists, but they have two guitarists, a bassist, and sporadic usage of the infamous double bass. I have the feeling that this band can floor everybody in the Vets Hall when they play. Do you wanna hear another song titled “Punks n’ Skins”? If you do then you should buy this split.

 –Daryl Gussin (Street Anthem)

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