STEP SISTER: Autopilot Stuck on Get Down: CD

Jul 25, 2002

If ya like your music meaty, ballsy, and ferociously smokin’, then this here gut-pummeling platter of heavy, thundering rock’n’roll fury is all you’ll ever need to thoroughly rattle your cage! Step Sister raucously carry on the monstrously maniacal tradition of AC/DC, Circle Jerks, and Motorhead while loudly crankin’ a skull-splittin’ roar of over-amped powerchord-driven madness, meanness, and nastiness. This is a raging sonic squall that’s ten times more intimidating than Lemmy’s snarling leer and damn near as ugly as the numerous tumor-like warts that adorn his pock-marked, weather-beaten face! It’s an unholy, cacophonously rockin’ auditory storm that boisterously sings the perverse praises of booze, wild women, barroom-brawlin’ brashness, and other sinfully debauched aspects of rock’n’roll’s sordid party life. If Step Sister were a drug, I’d be gluttonously overdosing on ‘em right about now. They’re unbelievably powerful and downright invincible; as raucously wrathful as it gets!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Smog Veil)