STELLAR CORPSES: Vampire Kiss: 7”

I’m way into the upright bass playing on this record. I don’t know if there’s any virtuosity going on, because I don’t know shit about upright bass. I just know that I hear a lot of psychobilly records with very neutered upright bass, as if they arbitrarily grabbed a jazz band kid, gave him a pompadour, and made him a member of the band without first indoctrinating him in the style. The upright bass playing on this record is a perfect rumbling undercurrent that’s like a knife to the neck, poised to cause serious harm. The rest of the music isn’t too shabby either. It’s nice and malicious. If there’s a weak link, it’s the vocals, which seem too clean and restrained. Needs more howling. Also, it’s probably not fair to call this psychobilly. Some of the tropes are there, but there’s not much of the ‘billy. The band draws just as much from melodic punk and even thrash, particularly on the B-side. It all comes together nicely. 

 –mp (Chapter 11)