STELLAR CORPSES: Respect the Dead: CD

Oct 06, 2008

Why did I get such a huge pile of psychobilly (direct from the distributor, not Todd’s fault)? I can’t think of one instance where I have ever reviewed it favorably. Stellar Corpses are probably the prime example of everything I hate about psychobilly, so maybe according to psychobilly, they’re the best damn band out there. Huge posturing in the photos, terrible rhyme schemes and simple lyrics (which lead me to believe there’s not too much going on upstairs), and the typical horror theme (because they’re so fucking original). I did raise my expectations when I saw a song named “Cemetery Man” (a fantastic Italian horror movie from the mid-‘90s staring Rupert Everett). Come for the reference; leave for the music.

 –megan (Hairball8,

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