STEINWAYS, THE / PEABODYS, THE: Irreconcilable Differences: Split 7”

Jan 07, 2008

The Steinways: They’re starting to gain some momentum in the pop punk world, but it’s almost like they’re a parody of the genre in question. Either way, their style of pop punk by the book may get a little stale at times, but they have the humor and energy to pull it off. The Peabodys: I had never heard of this band before this release, but they seem appropriate to hold the B-side. I won’t say they’re metaphorical twins to The Steinways because they’re not, but there are enough similarities to make you think twice about it. Each band does four songs and the last one on each side is acoustic. This record will definitely be getting more spins.

 –Bryan Static (Incessant Drip)

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