STEEL TIGERS OF DEATH!: Precious Moments: CD

Jul 19, 2011

Two main vocalists: one Fred Schneider-ish and one Larry Damore-ish. So, somewhere between an all-male B-52’s who cut their teeth on the Descendents and a tongue-in-cheek Pegboy. Depending on your knowledge of the bands mentioned, that’s a pretty fragile ecosystem. Lean too much one way, it’s too much of a dismissible joke. Go the other, it’s like the song will ask you to pick up a shovel and start digging and toiling along (instead of enjoying) the record. Thankfully, STOD! are trapeze artists of sorts (and look great in gold lamé short shorts). Precious Moments contains some of my favorite songs by them. They’ve also addressed a previous complaint: this recording sounds much more alive than previous efforts (and looks great draped in strings of portable, all-weather lights). Good stuff.

 –todd (Mustardpack)