STEAKNIVES, THE: Against You: 7” single

Excellent new single from this band from Italy. Maybe a bit more thrashy and aggressive than their previous records. They seemed to have incorporated a slight oi influence in their sound—particularly in the chainsaw sound of the guitar—but they still retain the early U.S. hardcore sound of before. The riffs are repetitive and simple but effective as hell. They can rage like a wild storm then slow it down for a few moments to allow the listener to collect themselves before it’s back into the maelstrom. The title track reminds me a bit of the Business, but slightly faster and more towards their early hardcore sound. The lyrics are delivered in rapid-fire fashion; there are some nice leads from the guitar to add more layers. Then, in a flash, it’s over, and on to the next side. “Victims” is a bit more fast and reckless. The chorus of “We are the victims!” plants itself into your brain quickly. Seek this one out quick. There are something like 300 pressed and that’s it.

 –M.Avrg (Surfin’ Ki,