STEADY STATE: Self-titled: CD

Oct 06, 2008

When I do reviews, I usually disregard any one sheets until I’ve actually listened to it. I don’t want them to taint the experience, which is usually all they’re good for. So at first blush on this record I’m getting a fair amount of Chuck Ragan / HWM and Against Me! love. For the most part, it isn’t too overbearing or embarrassing; however, “You’ve Been Superseded” sounds a whole lot like AM!’s “How Low.” Other than that, I don’t really see any other dead rips on here. It’s half decent Florida-at-times-acoustic punk with a really decent recording. Revelations on the one sheet: the actual liner notes include that Heather Gabel did the art for this, they’re from St. Pete/Naples, and it was recorded at Crescendo. All of which explains a lot of what I’m hearing here. Anyway, it’s definitely decent but nothing I’m going around screaming about. Very nice work on the packaging though.

 –Steve Stephenson (FDO)

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