These dudes from Manchester, England, sound so much like an up-tempo version of Gaslight Anthem that I had to check if there were any ties between those bands. To my knowledge, no ties exist, and the more I think about it, the basis for my comparison is the hoarse vocals and the melodic power of the music. All in all, Stay Clean Jolene offer a filling plate of twenty-first century punk, and one that I’m liking more and more with each listen: the melodies are fast and tight, the vocals have a raw intensity and sincerity that I really dig, and the harmonies that start making themselves known upon further play really sew it up and sell the whole thing for me. Let me bookend this review with a better comparison: Stay Clean Jolene sound like a cleaner, less metal-y version of Venerea. 

 –Eric Carlson (Just Say No to Government Music / Bombed Out)