STAY CLEAN JOLENE: “Green” b/w “Old Songs” and “Record”: 7”

Mar 07, 2013

The hardest reviews to write are the mediocre ones. The bands and records that don’t hit, nor do they deserve any sort of derision. They elicit no strong feelings. But I feel obligated to write something, log it in, basically say that I received and listened to the record that was sent in the mail and had a nice handwritten note attached. It’s part of the social contract to which we’ve tacitly agreed. I wish I liked Stay Clean Jolene, a British band, more than I do. They’ve got the earmarks of what I’d potentially like: All (in the bass) and Leatherface (in the guitar fills). I gave them a full five days of listens, but it’s just not sinking in. Reminds me of a band like Nothington, who I’ve seen several times opening for bands I was excited to see, found them okay, but don’t remember a single song and would never seek out their music. Sorry. Excellent, honest labels are backing these guys.

 –todd (Eager Beaver / JSNTGM / Drunken Sailor / Rad Girlfriend)