STATIC RADIO NJ: An Evening of Bad Decisions: CD

Oct 06, 2008

This falls into what I want to call Loved-Ones-core. The music is enjoyable enough while it’s playing, but there’s a sameness to the album that renders it unmemorable, much like the Loved One’s Keep Your Heart. The music itself is somewhere between the Loved Ones and the Explosion. As it is, this is a band I would be excited to see as an opener for some other bands I’m into but would be indifferent to if they were the headliner. If there are some more adventurous production or musical chances on their next album, I feel like Static Radio could really put out a record to be reckoned with. As a minor aside, this has some of the most boring cover art I can recall. It brings to mind an oversaturated photocopy of a piece of burlap.

 –Adrian (Black Numbers)

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