Static (from the Attic) Vol 1: Episodes 1-4: VHS, 2 hrs

Mar 03, 2011

First off, Static is a terrible name for this program; I don’t think the frantic goings-on stop for more than about a half second at a time. Even the camera is rarely immobile, which leads me to my only major complaint: the hand-held nature of the videography gives me nausea right around the cooking segment (which is unfortunate because I really would like to try my hand at making Barbecued Gluten Globs) and I have to take a break before I can watch the rest. That shouldn’t be a problem for most viewers, though, so you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy features covering the political (a Pensacola anarchist collective, Food Not Bombs), the recreational (train hopping, picture taking, dog abuse) and the mundaneness of day-to-day life (jobs, cooking, clandestine pets, moving) from the perspective of a vegan twenty-something and his girlfriend. The soundtrack is excellent and bounces deftly from punk to country to techno appropriately and the editing shows some reasonable knowledge of working with video. Overall, a very well put-together, entertaining and informative video and a real fucking deal for seven bucks. –Cuss Baxter (Rex, PO Box 30785, Seattle, WA 98103; )