STATE OF MIND: Knowledge of Self: 12” EP

Sep 11, 2012

Describing their sound as “groovy NY-styled hardcore,” I was eager to put this 12” EP on the turntable. While I do pick up some traces of the influences they cite, the vibe on this EP is more generic radio rock-sounding than hardcore. The riffs were rather forgettable, easily fading to background noise every listen. Coupled with a very polished production, especially in the vocals, which had this echo-y middle-of-the-mix sound that I associate with commercial rock music, and the result was nothing that stuck with me on any level. While I support the band’s “anti-racist, antifascist, religion-free, gay-positive, pro-choice, drug-free, and animal-friendly attitude,” as stated in their description, and presented in their lyrics, musically this did very little for me.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Take It Back)

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