Jun 04, 2008

There’s eight originals and a Discharge cover here, that is musically alright, but their whole “I ain’t gonna change, gonna be punk ‘til I die” stance just rings hollow. It all comes off as pretty meaningless shouting and defiant posturing, which is only amplified by trite lyrics that seem to avoid addressing any specific current events, of which there are many to bitch about. The result is sure to get the parrot punks pumping their fists in the air, but it really ain’t all that far off from the output of such hard-hitting “punk” groups as A New Found Glory and Good Charlotte, is it? Look, kiddies, the days of “calling myself a punk and having a funny haircut is a potent symbol of rebellion in itself” ended long before Avril started sporting studded belts and posh New York boutiques started hawking Black Flag shirts to the clueless bourgeoisie. If you’re gonna co-opt all the accoutrements of the “political” bands of yore, either take a stance for (or against) specific current events or give your instruments to someone who’ll put them to better use. 

 –jimmy (Rodent Popsicle)

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