May 27, 2009

Hey, I love old X. I love the Cramps. I love Link Wray, but, fuck jesus, they didn't make mausoleums to suffocate in. They provided us with unbuilt engines to hop up even more. Three cheers for a band following its own path and investing in their own sound. Beyond the clubhouses and fascades of musical styles such as psychobilly, rockabilly, and voodoobilly, are several bands that are tapping into some true weirdness, getting weird with it, and wiggling out with some sounds of their own, beyond the past. The names, locally at least, are limited. They share a commanality, not by clothes, not even by a genre-locked sound or contrived outrageous behavior, but by vision. Throw Rag. Blazing Haley. The Starvations. Unafraid to add accordion, unafraid to let the ghosts and skeletons of long-forgotten and obscure musical genres to seep into them like a mold, The Starvations are feeling the pulse of exciting, hard-to-find music, and like Frankenstein's monster with lightning kickstarting the sound, I, for one, can't wait to hear what they'll stomp after next. Set the CD player on repeat. You'll be signing high and long to "Grief" and "Last Night I Had a Nightmare We Got Married." Five of their best songs to date, and their last LP, A Blackout to Remember, was fantastic.

 –todd (Kapow)