STARVATIONS, THE: A Blackout to Remember: CD

The number of greaser/rocker/maximum rockabilly bands I currently know and like are few: Throw Rag, Blazing Haley, The Masons, and The Cramps are about all I can come up with. Add in The Starvations. It’s hard to sound so believably desperate yet pull it all together in a collection of twelve songs without once falling into a cliché pothole of flaming dice, beating off to Mopar, or Betty Page-o-holics. There’s an almost painful hollow feeling – and a hollow-body sound – that permeates the whole record, which makes it all the more catchy and distinctive. It’s undeniably well played. Standout tracks are “Queen Bee’s Lament,” (with “swollen livers and eviction eyes”) and (“I’m burning down the”) “Church of the Doublecross.” The entire CD also has an unaffected, eeire American gothic (as in the unexplainable and forlorn like Edgar Allan Poe, not spooky pancake makeup) feel. I look forward to more. An unexpected surprise.

 –todd (Revenge)