Jul 13, 2006

At first inclination, I thought this was an American version of Hard Skin. Really, really well played oi with really, really hilarious and deeply satirical lyrics. I guess I was part right because Stars & Stripes do play really good music with really hilarious lyrics. It turns out that it’s not so much a joke as it is a side project for Choke from Slapshot though. Here’s a quick run through. The first three songs are about beating the shit out of people. The next one is about realizing your dreams and life are too short to be mean (?!); follow that with a couple telling us to lighten up and “shut the fuck up.” Now we’ve got a soccer song (in North America it is called soccer. People who are from North America have no reason to call it anything else) and an ode to invading Europe. The disc closes with two songs that I can relate to: hockey and getting drunk. The getting drunk one quickly sinks into going out to beat up rival soccer hooligans though so I got lost again. If it turns out that this is a joke band, then kudos to them for pulling it off in such a way that it’s hard to tell. If it’s not, well, I was still entertained. Musically, I’m thinking in the neighborhood of Menace or Sham 69. A fun listen.

 –ty (I Scream)