STAPLES IN CARPET: Beyond Belief: 7”

Mar 22, 2016

Is “doom punk” a thing? Seattleites Staples In Carpet describe themselves as an old school punk and metal crossover, but that’s such a mouthful. Maybe doom punk is more appropriate. The Beyond Belief EP’s first two tracks, “Burn” and “Small Amount of Something,” tear ass out of the gate with blistering ‘80s hardcore intention, but eventually settle into a chuggy monotony dynamically reminiscent of the kind of doom metal that makes me sleepy. The latter half of the EP—”Closed Out” and “Ornaments”—dispenses with much of this urgency altogether, and the roughly two-minute tracks feel much longer than their actual running time. It’s difficult to qualify how Beyond Belief differs from Staples In Carpet’s previous effort “One of the Same,” which didn’t seem to suffer from this same affliction. Like that release, there is plenty of distortion here, the vocals are still angry and talky, and the drums are still serviceably helmed, but comparatively this record feels more lethargic, groggier, and cloudier. At least the translucent red vinyl is beautiful. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Totally Brainless,

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