STANDING FLAT: Self-titled: CD

Sep 10, 2009

Standing Flat can be correctly categorized as acoustic-tinged highway-travellin’ alternative rock... and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that, ‘cause this trio of sonically lucid Texans cohesively create pure soul-stirrin’ musical magic that’s intricate, spiritual, and structurally tight... sometimes grungey, somewhat trippy, and forever folksy... robust, ballsy, melancholic, and emotionally straightforward. The vocals are gravelly, powerful, and passionately delivered... the guitars swirl, shimmer, shine, and sparkle with an illustrious otherworldly glow... the soft and lilting orchestral stirrings of the keyboard damn near brought tears to my eyes... the solid well-structured interplay between the bass and drums rhythmically flows together in an impeccable display of tranquil unity. Man, this pristinely produced disc has stimulated and altered my mind to the point of no return...

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