STANDARD AND POOR: Let’s Take Care of Our Own: 7” EP

Sep 11, 2012

Leather-jackets-and-jeans-and-standing-against-a-brick-wall punk from Southern California, which puts them at a strategic disadvantage right off the bat since they don’t really have brick walls against which to stand in earthquake zones, or so i’ve been told. The A-side is a sort of pseudo-UK melodic street punk anthem type deal, with ringy guitars and various exhortations and laments upon the state of domestic and foreign policy and such ((“Let’s take care of our own / if they need our help, I’m sure they’ll phone”)). B-side starts with “Let’s Go”—a song that somehow manages to use the title of a Ramones song for a completely unrelated song about going to see the Ramones ((fellows, please note this ship has sailed)) —and ends with the best song of the bunch, “Love Knot,” which is about tying up girls in the basement. No wonder they don’t wanna go down there, daddy-o! I like this 45 better than that album with the pink cover they put out a while back; their star is definitely in the ascendant. All they need are some bricks and they’ll be on their way. BEST SONG: “Love Knot” BEST SONG TITLE: “Let’s Go” i suppose. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: It says “All songs written PREFORMED and produced by Standard and Poor” in two separate places on the record packaging.

 –norb (D-Spite My Height)

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