STAN MCMAHON: Self-titled: Cassette

Apparently, this guy is famous because of a sort of half association with Guided By Voices. Aside from being their roadie for a while, and appearing on one of their bootlegs, he is also the lead singer of the first Guided By Voices cover band. Of course, we’re all thinking, does the album sound anything like Guided by Voices? Well, kind of. If Guided By Voices used a lot more acoustic guitar and was sung by a guy who sounds like he’s the lead singer of a Guided By Voices cover band. I’m assuming if you use over a decade of your life to dedicate yourself to one band, it’s likely that their influence is going to sink in, no matter what kind of musical project you do. I guess what I’m trying to say is that in this guy’s head he has a set of tastes, or voices, by which he is clearly being guided.

 –Bryan Static (Burger,