Mar 07, 2011

I like me some of that “oi” type of punk rock, but I can get a little picky about it. As I dropped the needle on this record, I read the back and realized that StamfordBridge is essentially a one man band featuring Carl from The Templars (with Phil Templar on drums). I love The Templars, so I geared myself up for the unexpected. StamfordBridge is more of an oi-tinged pop group—and it’s really amazing! I am on the hunt for more from these guys now! I couldn’t imagine how Bastards Choir could hold their own after that, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t kick ass as well. Super catchy songs that have to do with roasting pork and such. A real Beltones flavor to the sound that I loved. What a great split record!

 –ty (Oi! The Boat)

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