STALINS OF SOUND : Self-titled: 7”

May 03, 2011

Originally a one-man band featuring Hadi Ziade, former bass player for the Dissimilars, singing and playing guitar backed by a drum machine, Hadi was then joined by bass player Dave Masur, and later synthesizer from former Dissimilars and SlabCity frontman Jimmy the Worm. Employing the drum machine in place of a live drummer makes for a unique twist on the current wave of synth punk bands. While the Spits have perfected the unfrozen-cavemen-discover-synthesizer sound, eagerly and earnestly delighting crowds for fifteen years and still managing to come across as idiot savants, there is something more deviant and sinister with Stalins Of Sound, like world-weary misfits expertly aware of the doom and gloom electronic instruments can bring. Stalins fall in line more with the darker, troubled sounds of Destruction Unit or Digital Leather, however still maintaining a bit of the tongue-in-cheek irreverence of the Spits (songs like “Baton of Discipline” aren’t completely serious). If any of the aforementioned are up your alley, then Stalins Of Sound comes with the highest recommendation.

 –Jeff Proctor (

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