STALAG 13: In Control: LP

Nov 16, 2010

Smart idea to remaster this album. I must confess I didn’t care much for this album when it first came out for the very reason that it sounded dull and flat. I figured this was one of those bands you had to see live to appreciate. Living in the middle of the country during the ‘80s, where a good hardcore show was twenty-five people in the audience, I was never going to see these guys in their prime. Hearing this version, my opinion has changed drastically. The songs now have more spark and there’s that needed punch here that’s necessary to make a hardcore record and band good. The songs are straight forward, as are the lyrics of teen angst. It’s aged a bit by today’s standards, but the most important aspect remains, and that is the raw energy that Stalag 13 and most of the early hardcore bands possessed. I’ll gladly take that approach any day over musicianship, wall of sound, and opaque lyrics. There are four extra tracks on this edition—three recorded in 1983 with a different line-up, and a live song that’s pretty unnecessary. I’d recommend this pressing over the Upstart version.

 –M.Avrg (Dr. Strange,