STALAG 13: In Control: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Let me start by saying that most of the stuff I review for this magazine is sent to me by Sean and Todd. Every now and then I get something in my own mail from some press agent or someone who got my address from the magazine, and that is usually accompanied by an 8x10 glossy of some boring people trying to look cool, press clippings, and some over the top copywriting like about how well the band went over at Warped Tour and their potential and all that. Generally, the more of this stuff there is, the more the band sucks, and sometimes the more promo stuff I get means the less I ever hear about the band again. Then I will get a really good CD with one Xeroxed sheet explaining why I got it in the mail and it blows me away. (The one that trumped that had a post-it saying, “please review.”) My other comment is that if you send me a CD to review, send me the CD to review – the whole thing. Send me the CD, the artwork, the liner notes, and something that they all go in so I can keep them together. If you want me to endorse your product, let me know what the whole product is. This CD came to me with liner notes in a nice plastic thing that was more easily mailed than a jewel case. There was one sheet explaining that this is a re-released CD of a reformed band. The booklet had fliers that were not self-indulgent but framed the where and when of Stalag 13. The CD has really good music on it. Imagine, if you will, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks and MDC all forming a super group and having a really good producer oversee the album (though there are live tracks). Fuck yeah.

 –rich (Doctor Strange)

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