STALAG 13: In Control: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Bill from Dr. Strange comes through again and brings back another classic from the dead. Originally released on Upstart Records (Jorge Newberry, where are you?) in 1984 and bootlegged numerous amounts of times by Lost and Found out of Germany, this Nardcore classic is available to the masses again. This record was on regular rotation on so many punks’ stereos back then that I barely ever played my own copy. I actually burned out hearing them and never played my record ever again. I bought the three limited edition copies of this on vinyl recently and never played them. What a collector nerd I am sometimes! While at Razorcake HQ, I saw that this was in my box. I slap the disc into the CD player and see if I will like it after all these years. Like the hypocrite that I am, I fuckin’ love this! The songs are familiar as ever but welcomed. Hearing the song “No Excuse” again was a reenactment of getting a boot to the head. The booklet has pictures of the band at the long-defunct Cathey de Grande here in Los Angeles which brought back good memories of seeing them there on a regular basis. There are also pictures of flyers that are still on the bedroom wall at my mother’s house that I haven’t taken down even though I haven’t lived there in over fifteen years. Hearing the four bonus tracks was a welcome surprise. Three songs were recorded in the studio and the track “Selfish” was on the We Got Power comp. The last track, “Make a Change,” is recorded live. I had put them below Nardcore greats like Dr. Know, Agression, RKL, Ill Repute, and False Confessions, but I do step up on the dummy box to admit that I was wrong. I sometimes wonder why I think the way I do. They were equals in a scene that created many great bands.

 –don (Dr. Strange)