STAGE BOTTLES: 1993 - 2001: CD

Mar 19, 2002

This is abrasively strong anti-fascist skinhead oi and gruff’n’surly European streetpunk insurrection at its fiercest, liveliest, and most musically cohesive. The sound is full and furious, relentlessly possessing all of the necessary riot-inciting auditory ingredients needed to make this CD a constant companion for the ears of any self-respecting Doc Marten-attired non-racist skinhead out there. It’s a rotund and rousing barrel full of manly lager-scoured vocals (frequently complemented by spirited Cockney female rants), frenetic high-powered guitar strafings, rip-roarin’ ground-shakin’ bass thumpings, a constant unwavering bombardment of shrapnel-tossing drumbeats, and sporadic X-Ray Spex-style saxophone sputterings. Hell yes, a grandly spectacular display of unabashedly upbeat insurgent sounds. This is undeniably the ultimate in foot-stompin’ good fun!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Mad Butcher and Insurgence and KOB)