STACK: Konkret Lichtgesschwindigkeit!: CD

Dry your eyes my good friends. Stack are not broken up, like those dirty little rumors that were floating around said. Well, they were split for a while, but saw the error of their ways and are back full force. Perhaps even better than before. Essentially the same as when they first gelled, but sounding tighter and angrier. This disc is sort of a discography to catch you up from past to present. The first 18 songs are from the latest release, the title of the disc (Konkret Lichtgesschwindigkeit!), while the remaining 26 are from various splits, comps, and EPs. All quality nonetheless. I remember being totally floored the first time I heard them years ago, and they still pack that devastating punch. This stuff is so good it’s unreal. Pulverizing hardcore that owes no allegiance to the past or present. They exist in their own realm of sound really. The attack is full-on, over the top, and in your face. As it should be. Recommended? This collection is necessary!

 –M.Avrg (Six Weeks)