STABLE BOYS: Attitudes: 7”

Stable Boys feature members of some well-known bands from the Philadelphia area, notably Algernon Cadwallader and Glocca Morra. The music is a bit more straight forward and stripped down. I can’t help but make a Pteredon comparison—music that has a ton of emotion in it without coming across as forced and fake. This has lots of dudes screaming at the same time but it’s still harmonious with out being chaotic. The sleeve and insert are pretty awesome. I’m guessing the paper came from a print shop reject or something because it’s on the back side of a Meet Joe Young DVD sleeve. The insert has all the clarity and readability of an Indian Summer insert. Unintelligible words and photos, mostly torn up newsprint. This is a quality record and worth listening to again.

 –Adam Mullett (Evil Weevil)