STABBED IN BACK: A Portrait of Noise: CDEP

Jul 24, 2007

This is four tracks of fast, melodic, and pissed-off hardcore of the non-metal variety that has more in common with 7 Seconds, Kill Your Idols, and Paint It Black then Metallica or Megadeth. I like this, but I can’t get over the fact that these guys sound exactly like New Mexican Disaster Squad. This is really ironic because Stabbed In Back are actually from Albuquerque New Mexico (Home state pride! WHOOT WHOOT!!!), while New Mexican Disaster Squad are from Orlando, Florida. Maybe a name swap could be arranged at some point? According to the press sheet, one of the members (I think the drummer) was in the Lillingtons, but this sounds about as much like the Lillingtons as Born Against sounded like Screeching Weasel. Oh, and the fade out to “When Laughter Turns to Screams” is anthemic enough to make even AFI proud. I definitely want to check out any other stuff these guys put out.

 –Adrian (Basement)