Ssssnakes: I have a cognitive dissonance with Ssssnakes. Visually, on flyers, on their interwebs, they drop that they have an affinity to both old school and skate punk. So when I go into this thinking JFA, Big Boys, Clay Wheels, Faction, it’s not that at all. It’s more Millencolin, MXPX-y. There’s other stuff in there, but big, clean production and snotty, rasp-huff vocals wasn’t what I was expecting at the tip of the spear. Miami Vice color scheme website. The Slow Death: Daryl and I work within ten feet of one another for about twenty-four hours a week. I fully admit I have a bad memory. He’ll say something about a record or a band, I’ll listen, then a couple days later, I’ll totally believe I had an original idea. “You know what? It takes more than a 7” for The Slow Death or Pretty Boy to really make a mark. Like, with a full-length, you can just stew in it. The power’s in the full lengths. Born Ugly Got Worse is great.” I’m all, “You’re right.” This time, Daryl gets the credit and no one on the record sounds like Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou of Wham! The weird thing is when their side of the 7” gets put into a collection, I’ll be all, “This is so rad.” Slow Death sounds different—and shines brighter—in the longer formats.

 –todd (Kiss Of Death / SWFU / Not Shy Of The DIY)