SS-KALIERT: Dsklation: CD

Mar 14, 2007

This band reminds me of a kid named Jason I went to grade school with. He was an in-the-flesh mohawk punk living in Canadian small town hell. Not only did he become legendary for getting beat up by a teacher for cheering when the space shuttle exploded, but he also introduced me to The Exploited. SS-Kaliert are a lot like a German counterpart for The Exploited (or The Casualties, according to a younger punk in the print shop). Mohawks and bullet belts are the order here. It’s not bad by any means, but just not that interesting… Scratch that, the German factor makes it a lot better than a lot of the other bands trying to do the same shit. I have to stand by my theory that punk rock sounds better in German.

 –ty (Punkcore)