SQUIRES, THE: Going All the Way with The Squires: LP

Being inclined to like anything like this sometimes causes me to feel like I’ve run out of things to say about the endless parade of reissue albums that receive a blast of praise and then fade away. Not that I’m complaining. I could listen to ‘60s reissues for a living, like some sort of headphoned Jabba the Hutt absorbing twelve-string guitar licks and turning them into energy. That aside, this one is rock solid. There are extensive liner notes that I’m too stoned to read and regurgitate and pretend I knew that. They likely say something like: this band got big locally and faded because everyone can’t be The Rolling Stones. This is the album someone will snobbily inform you is better than The Rolling Fucking Stones. If you buy one album like this a year, this is a good candidate for 2015, especially if you liked the Chants R&B record, the one that’s better than The Rolling Fucking Stones

 –Billups Allen (Crypt)