SPYING ON THE SCENE #5: $3.00 or trade, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 28 pgs.

Enthusiastic punk zine from Tampa. It mostly consists of lengthy interviews. There’s one with Dave Tejas of Krum Bums. Krum Bums aren’t the kind of punk band that I would make an effort to check out, but the interview was solid. The editor, Oister, is a great interviewer and really got the lead singer to open up. He ended up talking passionately about Austin, which made me want to visit the town. The interview with Kingdom, a hardcore band out of Philly, was especially interesting and insightful. Normally, the last thing I would care about is a windmill-and-cum-faces-in-the-pit bro-core band or what they might have to say. However, people on the margins are always interesting—as is the lead singer of Kingdom, a politically aware and intelligent woman in a scene full of knuckle-dragging meatheads. She’s critical of her medium but still believes in it. This conflict makes for a great read. There’s also a story/show review where Oister finds out that a teacher he had in high school was in a hardcore band and goes to check them out. Oister’s self-critical subtext makes it a personal piece rather than another boring writeup of a show you weren’t at and wouldn’t go to. Then there are the mandatory record reviews. This is a solid music zine that I expect will only improve. –Craven Rock (Oister c/o SOTSHQ, 13049 Delwood Rd., Tampa, FL33624)