SPRINGHILL: …You Saw Me Laugh, You Saw Me Cry…: CD

Jan 14, 2010

It took me forever to dig up anything about the band due to the lack of any info with the CD besides a Japanese mailing address, but after some searching I found out that they were a German pop punk band in the early to mid ‘90s. This release is more or less their discography. These guys are somewhere between Millencollin and Face To Face. There are lots of harmonies, fast punk that dips into the slower, epic emo end of the pool quite often, and accents galore. Some of the lyrics do get a little embarrassingly direct, like the song “That Girl,” whose chorus is “there is a girl and I love her.” But, for the most part, this is pretty good stuff. The best, no doubt, is the lead-off track “Windmill.” This sounds like the best song that never made it onto Face To Face’s Big Choice, or one of the good Unwritten Law albums. Freaking great gem of a song.

 –Adrian (SP)