SPRAY PAINT: Self-titled: CD

May 08, 2013

So I immediately decided that this band was awesome based on the title of the first track, “Canadian Trash.” I thought, “How sweet! A song about my people!” I figured I’d be doing some basic rocking out, but instead I found myself checking to make sure my windows were fully closed and my door was locked. Is there such a genre as creeper punk? Because I’m pretty sure this is it. This Spray Paint album is the Soundtrack to Stalking, the album you pop in when you ditch school early to follow the love of your life—who doesn’t even know you exist—back to his house so you know where to creep on him in the future. (Just me?) However, the genius of it is that it’s also the album you pop in when you’re running away from the crazed creeper who you didn’t know existed until now, as she follows you back home so she knows where to creep on you in the future. Spray Paint synchronizes the stalker and the stalkee—this is some multi-purpose shit right here. Although they sound as if they were Interpol coming down from a meth binge after joining the Illuminati, virtually every song is flawlessly produced and insanely appealing. Spray Paint is proper post-punk along the lines of the A-Frames and the Intelligence, with the attitude of the Hangmen and Night Beats thrown in for good measure. A hearty four restraining orders out of five! –Rishbha

 –guest (S.S., s-srecords.com)