I haven’t kept as close a watch on Spray Paint as I would like and should, since they are one of the better post-punk bands going these days. They are consistently delivering quality music, as I had expected from the Spock Fingers single from a few years back. These two songs are dissonant and noisy. “Country Singer” starts off with a repeating riff that is instantly jarring and dominates the room when the record is on. Then the bass kicks in and the song takes off with more speed. It ends abruptly to turn into “Yr Shedding” with spidery guitars that share space with a repetitive beat and more noisy guitar that recalls early-Sonic Youth kind of discordance. Exek are post-punk dub in the way of early PiL. The bass has that repeating riff that hypnotizes you and permeates your being as guitars come in with a sickly tone (think of the music in Dawn of The Dead when they’re in the news room studio). Vocals float just right above the music. Great song and I really want to hear more. One song is not enough! This record was pressed for Spray Paint’s Australian tour this past year. Get one!

 –M.Avrg (Homeless, [email protected])