SPRËADEAGLE: self-titled: CD

Nominally punky headbanger drug dealer rock that should appeal to those who always felt the Candy Snatchers were cheating because they did have the one good song, and i’d feel a lot worse about raining on the whole parade of ENERGY and VOLUME if the last noise this disc emitted was something other than the heavy metal kissin’ cousin of the “Hotel California” lead that it is. Would be an all right purchase value if it came with a free pizza and a blowjob, but this does not appear the case (at least with my review copy). BEST SONG: “Flyin’ High” WORST SONG TITLE: 13-way tie between “Ready to Bleed” “Bad Motherfucker” “Now Could Be Never” “8 Ball” “Roadwarrior” “Fury” “Flyin’ High” “Blackout” “Just That Easy” “Blood, Coke & Sodomy” “Don’t Leave Anything” “Full Time Loser” and “Dead of Night.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Rock and Roll Over album flat depicted on the cover behind the girl with the big boobs and plentiful tattoos is hung in such a fashion that Peter Criss’ head is at the top. I’m not sure what that means. Possibly “Paul Is Dead.”

 –norb (Nerve)