SPORT: Colors: LP

Pop punk outfit from Lyon, France will time warp you to a ‘90s sun-drenched summer despite its time skipping trajectory. Like a soundtrack to the Olympics, the track names read like a photo album for the international games vaulting from one location to the next with titles like “Barcelona, 1992,” “Lillehammer, 1994,” and “Sydney, 2000.” Like a snapshot of times past, the tracks are nostalgic, soaring from jugular, vein-popping vocals to the gradual build of drums and elongated guitar notes and back again. “Helsinki, 1952,” shows off nimble guitar work. Despite my effort, I was unable to determine whether there’s a tie between song and title. Released in 2012 in the same pipeline of Surfer Blood and Red House Painters, this is stuff meant for Sunday beer-fueled barbeques and down hilling on your bike. Recommended.

 –Kristen K. (Self-released)