SPOOKY, THE: Gravest Hits and Lost Haunts Vol. 1 & 2: 2 x CD

Mar 07, 2013

Back in 2000 or so, my bandmate Dustin turned me on to a bunch of amazing bands from OrangeCounty coming out on labels like Hostage and Disaster. Before I knew it, I was living on a steady diet of Smogtown, Smut Peddlers, Stitches, and The Crowd. When he laid the Hostage Situation compilation on me, I was blown away by The Spooky. I love me some horror rock, but it has to be quality. The Spooky delivered what I needed in two amazing songs. Then I spent years trying to track down more from them to no avail. It was like they went back to the grave that they crawled out of. Well, it turns out that Hostage Records has come to my rescue again with the release of two CDs chock full of The Spooky. Although the two discs are sold individually, I chose to review them as a set because they really are two companion pieces. All of their earliest demos and compilation tracks are here and their horrific history is followed right up until their amazing Halloween Night 7” that came out last year. The thing that makes The Spooky stand out is their melodic sound. They’re not trying to be scary; they just write great songs with macabre topics. Mike Monster’s voice reminds me of O. from Fluf or Davey Tiltwheel. Sweet yet strong. Everything works with this band, and I am so happy to finally have more than a couple of songs to jam with. The cool cut and paste packaging on the discs is pretty great too. Thanks Spooky and thanks to Hostage for unearthing these bones!

 –ty (Hostage, [email protected], hostagerecords.com)