SPONTANEOUS DISGUST: North American Bald Beaver Preservation Society: cassette

Aug 27, 2009

There was a little note that came with this tape, explaining that the guys in the band ransacked the used cassette section of their local Goodwill and dubbed their own album on to those tapes. My copy was dubbed over Working Class Dog by Rick Springfield, which means, to the credit of Spontaneous Disgust, there is now one less copy of “Jesse’s Girl” in existence. Listening to this tape, they have done the world an even greater favor by recording their own songs for posterity. Nothing is sacred; they attack everything from VH1’s favorite punk rocker (“Henry Rollins Get Off the Air”), buddyhead.com (“Attack of the 35-Year-Old Indie Rockers”), and the current state of punk rock (“Despite All the Rumors, Metal Still Sucks, Kids”), all the way to the self-explanatory “Why Do So Many People Like Tom Petty?” As for the music, it’s like a cross between god, wet vaginas, and hot dogs, only better. I suggest you get this post-haste, maybe your copy will be taped over Nightmare at Maple Cross by Girlschool.

 –guest (Pregnant Midget Porn)

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