May 27, 2009

God, these guys just keep cranking them hits out! Like a breath of fresh air on a hot, smoggy summer weekday, Spontaneous Disgust come along and do away with all the depression I find I suffer from after a long day’s review session. While I find no clunker on this woefully too short “concept record,” I will admit that I found “The Punk Rock Air Supply,” “I Promise to Wring Your Neck,” “Weepy Boy Band Cannon Fodder,” and “Sometimes I Wish Someone Would Hit Me Repeatedly In the Head with a Hammer So I Could Relate to Piebald” to be the most satisfying tracks here, skillfully blending rockin’ tuneage with acerbic wit to produce some of the most satisfying punk-related music in easily two decades. If you’re already a fan, consider this mandatory. If you’ve never heard them, get your head out of yer ass already. Either way, snatch this up if you spot it, ‘cause there’s supposedly a grand total of 127 copies out there and I guarantee the ebay thieves are gonna be making a killing offa this in just a few months time.

 –jimmy (address illegible)