Aug 13, 2009

Not sure I can follow the wisdom of putting 33 songs on a 7” in this post-DRI age, nor of limiting its release to 33 copies, nor, especially, of sending ALL 33 COPIES out for review, but fuck it. I guess they figure most review copies go almost immediately back on the free market (that is, the ones that don’t go almost immediately in the trash), and they’re right. Verdict’s still out on this one, though. I mean, it sounds like shit, like a one-armed butcher grinding his way through a frozen moose with a seized chainsaw, but I’ve got a soft spot for the inspired infantilism of bands like Sockeye and SpontDis rolls in that ditch with the masters. Try on the “Egg Pants,” take in the “Fuzzy Penetrator,” and bust out the “Hemoglobin Pileup.” Me, I’ll have a “Side of beef with a bacon leg/hangin’ his boner on a mumbly peg.”

 –doug (Pestilential Treatment)

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